Healthcare Consulting Reinvented

Hilsmier is a full-service management consulting firm that serves healthcare systems of all types and sizes.


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We think as if we’re a part of your team.


We act on your behalf, always.


We work hand-in-hand with you.


Clinical Services

Your mission is centered on the patient care you provide. We work across inpatient and outpatient settings to improve the quality of care as well as operational and financial performance. Our services include performance improvement initiatives, service line optimization and care coordination strategies.



Supply Chain

Supply chain is the backbone of any healthcare delivery organization, and can truly boost or hinder the quality of care you provide. Regardless of the state of your supply chain, Hilsmier can help. Our solutions look at every component of your supply chain function from manufacturer to patient.



Finance is a critical function in a dynamic healthcare environment where key decisions must be informed by financial and business insight. We focus on elevating finance as a true business partner, and ensure that financial data, systems and processes support the needs of decision makers.


Human Resources

Patient care cannot be separated from the people who provide it. Our solutions support change in all aspects of the employee life cycle, including recruiting, onboarding, learning and performance. HR Business Partners can also drive sound leadership decisions and Hilsmier can help upskill your team. 



Our approach to technology services is different from most firms: we believe that changes to technology alone will not solve the problem. Our solutions look holistically at your processes, people, and then technology, so that we can pinpoint and resolve your underlying business challenges.







Making decisions about the future of your organization can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a holistic view of what’s happening. Our first step is to review your strategic and operational objectives, and then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your people, processes, technology, data and governance structure. Our goal is to have a complete understanding of your current state – and a realistic road map for achieving your organizational vision.

Designing solutions should always be an iterative process: every organization has its own set of challenges, and there is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We will work hand-in-hand with your team to design solutions that address objectives identified during the Assess phase. Our focus is on sustainability, so we’ll test our solutions, iterate on the design, and test them again until they work.

Everything we do as a firm is centered on the outcome we want to achieve and the impact it has on your people. Our team will work with yours to ensure that changes are implemented efficiently and effectively. We purposely embed change management in all our projects to ensure our solutions work long-term.

The success of any project is determined by what happens when our team is gone. Regardless of the initiative, we structure our work to focus on sustainable changes that you and your team can continue to drive. It’s truly what makes Hilsmier different.